Paid Tiddlywiki Javascript Plugin Development

I’ve noticed many requests for a plugin to be made, but short of finding someone interested in making it you’re currently stuck. I have some time and the skills required, so I’m now offering paid js plugin development to allow some plugins that I wouldn’t otherwise spend my time on get off the ground.

This is specifically for JS Plugins. If your looking for more traditional TW stuff go over to Tones. A good example of a JS plugin is my Tiddly2PDF plugin which requires a third-party lib and thus JS to work.

The base price is around $60, but this varies a lot up and down depending on the time investment required. Feel free to contact me for a quote. (This is really cheap for software dev, but I enjoy making things to improve software I love)

Unless asked otherwise, I’ll put any plugin I make onto github where others can use it and it will likely receive some continued support if I have interest. (No promises on the support though)

Private Message me here to get in contact :slight_smile:



I am interested but just a bit too busy now working on an election production system, to take time to think about what I might find most useful.

One pressing need is:

  • I have a JS plugin that I got from Eric Shulman. It locks the “Leave the active Tab” function of TW while running on a tablette. I know it works, but for the life of me I have not figured out how to Initiate it and then termonate it when I am done.

I’ve lost enough content while riding on trains and being ‘jiggled’ into hitting a exit key, to make $60 look like a bargin for a “how to use it” cheat sheet. I’d ask Eric, but he and I have a such a long list of things to discuss that this item will never bubble up to get attention.

It’s just a starting point and I am certain that I will be able to think of other things more in line with what you can do, once I am out of :“deadline” mode.

My email is if you are interested.