Optical localizer in edit mode

Hello Forum,

for long tiddler it would be a nice feature to have an optical localizer in edit mode.

Advantage: better orientation when editing…

This feature can be activated by a checkbox at the bottom.
Color will change all e.g. 100 lins after new paragraph (make configurable)

Any idea how to do that?


What is local? it seems the middle section includes two paragraphs and part of another so its hard to be sure.

This clearly needs to be in the editor, has codemirror, outside tiddlywiki, got this feature?

Hello @TW_Tones,

the screenshot is only an example…
As I wrote, change eg. every 100 lines (can be an option: after 100 lines next paragraph).

Codemirror is activ, but not visible in my wiki - see Basic Formatting Not Working Consistently - #7 by StS

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For the default editor it would be very hard. With codemirror there would be a possibility. It knows about “gutters”, which eg can be used for “code folding” or any other option you may think of.

But there is no such cm-plugin that does that at the moment. At least I don’t konw it.