Basic Formatting Not Working Consistently

Do be gentle with me, I’m definitely not an advanced user of TW. I don’t write code in my tiddlers, I just use it for standard text write-ups. I use TW 5.1.23 with the Timimi plugin on Vivaldi and I have been having formatting issues. On one tiddler I can have the formatting on certain lines working just fine, while on other lines the exact same formatting won’t work at all. Examples include:

Subheadings, such as ! Example, not working at all and just coming up as plain text. Some can work on the one tiddler and others won’t, and for no apparent reason.
Using """ underneath lines to reduce spacing when pressing enter. Sometimes it works fine, and other times it causes a new line to not be created at all outside the edit window which requires me to space out the line further by hitting ‘Enter’ twice rather than once.

These are the main ones I’ve noticed, and I use a great deal of subheadings, so it’s been really problematic to have a lot of them not work. I love TW but it feels like I’m struggling with basic functionality and I’m not sure where to start in resolving this. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Can you share a screenshot of the issue you are facing with tiddler in edit mode and preview pane kept on

Hi @Predehra welcome to the community.

It sounds like you may need an extra blank line before your headings.

In general, TiddlyWiki needs a double line break to terminate a paragraph of text. Single line breaks are interpreted as a space character.

The same approach is used in the original implementation of Markdown. The motivation is to be able to copy and paste text from sources such as emails without needing to clean up the line breaks.

Hi all, I was just going to delete the original post but it doesn’t look like I can. I couldn’t get @jeremyruston’s solution to work. No matter how many blank lines I made before and after the subheading using the enter key, the heading level still wouldn’t activate. But somehow, putting """ underneath one of the subheadings that wasn’t working fixed all of the non-functioning subheadings beneath it in the tiddler. This makes absolutely no sense to me, but I suppose I’ve solved my problem. Sorry for not sending screenshots of what I’ve been talking about; the contents of the tiddler are private and recreating the issue with placeholder text was a bit complicated for me. Thanks for taking the time.

That makes sense. To restate things, the triple double quote """ syntax is used to mark both the start and end of unformatted blocks. It sounds like you had one of these blocks unterminated, which meant that the headings were being treated as part of the unformatted block.

I recommend the Codemirror plugin because it adds line numbers in edit mode so you can see where the line breaks are.

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Thank you for explaining that, I really couldn’t spot anything but I’m sure you’re right. Really helpful to know.

Thank you @PaulH for the plugin recommendation, I’ll see if that makes things easier. I really appreciate the help.

Would you happen to know of a way to use the standard browser spell checker with CodeMirror? I’m not using this for coding as you know so it would be helpful to have the spell checker working with it. I’ve searched previous discussions about this but those solutions seem to have an additional preview window next to the edit window to show spell checking rather than just doing it in the edit window as normal - I’m looking for something a bit cleaner if it does exist…

Thanks in advance for anyone who knows, and do let me know if I’m derailing this original topic and should instead create a new one.

Quick answer is the spell checker does not work with basic browser spell checking as CodeMirror not a simple text editor.

Over here I shared a “preview” you can use in the editor to access the standard editor along side code mirror to do spell checking.

  • You can just view and review your spelling from within the editor previews