Opening a TW or any htlm file on android

There is an app that lets you open on browser any local file!

I find it very useful to open a TiddlyWiki.


Thanks @pacoriviere - good to know. Any tips for mobile TW users gratefully received! ‘CX file explorer’ works well for me too opening ‘read only’ html in firefox for android.

iOS seems to be another issue altogether. Setting up a dropbox account seems to be the only way.

I have found the eperience using Tiddloid quite good, but a little bit of a hassle downloading the html file and locating it, but that’s more of an Android problem.

RCX seems the best option for managing TW files in android via WebDAV server.

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  • I have not done this recently but I thought as long as the wiki is online you can open and download into Tiddloid directly.
  • Just provide the URL rather than browse the file system?

If I try and open from a url, by sharing from a browser, Tiddloid just crashes!

I just recently began to use tiddloid again (after a strange bug appeared and dissapeared, but thats a story for another time.) And I don’t have the ability at all to input a url when importing a TW.

There is a WebDav / legacy option but that also does not work, unfortunately.

A feature like this would be fantastic, imo

There is a trick to accessing a url. There does not appear to be an option in the app itself, but when you are on the webpage in your browser (on Android) you need to use the “share with” option and select Tiddloid, like you would to send a url to Gmail, for example.

On two Android devices I have Tiddloid opens the page OK but then promptly crashes so I suspect there is a bug in Tiddloid for now. I’m going to log it on their suppport page.

Ah, I see.

I tried that out and I get a notice saying, “That is not a TiddlyWiki” so no luck on my end.

I would love to see it become an official option for tiddloid if the creator of it is able to do so.

The support page for Tiddloid is here. You coud add your specific issue to the log.

You can input the url in a browser, and share that page to tiddloid. Using system sharing function.

You can input the url in a browser, and share that page to tiddloid. Using system sharing function.

Yep, when I tried that I was given a popup telling me the page was not a tiddlywiki.

Why that happens I have no idea, unfortunately.

Have you the last version of Tiddloid. I had the same problem until I upgrade to version 2.4.2 of Tiddloid…

Just downloaded the latest version of tiddloid and unfortunately Im still unable to :confused:

@Justin_H Why you are not using RCX for opening TW file in android?

To be quite honest, I had missed this comment and wasn’t aware of it, however I’m reading about it now. I’m interested in seeing what exactly it is, and by extend what webDAV is.

@Justin_H I don’t have much technical knowledge about how is WebDAV working ? One advantage I see with using WebDAV server using RCX is that you can access media files like images, pdfs, videos (I haven’t tested videos though) embedded within your TW in android phone. Since most of the time I have phone in my hands than my laptop, this is very useful. I store my TW in onedrive currently and media files are stored in a subdirectory of my TW folder. Then I use relative path to embed those media files in my TW. So I guess even if I change the storage location of my TW files in the future, I can access the media files since they are within a subdirectory of my TW folder and are embedded using relative path.