Open Tab Showing Draft Titles

When editing many new tiddlers at the same time the names of the tiddlers in the opentab are sometimes not descriptive enough.I wanted to also display the draft title

I therefor cloned the sidebar opentab and added the following line to show the draft.title of the tiddler appended to e.g. the Draft of new tiddler5

^^<small> //{{!!draft.title}}//</small> ^^

it will show tiddler title + draft title in small superscript italics (pseudo code)

x Draft of tiddler5 <superscript small italic>new draft.title</superscript >

how to clone opentab

  • search for sidebar open,
  • click on magnifier,
  • select shadows,
  • select sidebar open tiddler,
  • press dropdown arrow,
  • select clone
  • change title to whatever you like
  • change (tab) caption field into something like “openD”
  • and insert line to tiddler text so it will look like

 ^^<small> //{{!!draft.title}}//</small> ^^"/>
<$tiddler tiddler="">


save the tiddler,

you now have a new tab called OpenD with a little more descriptive new tiddlers


Hi, I did format your text a bit, to make it more readable. Please check again and make sure it still works as you intended it.

thanks, it still works, (editing tiddlytalk on my phone is not easy)