Open list in the page toolbar

I am using notebook theme for my tiddlywiki 5.2.3. The Open tab is located in the side toolbar. It is required a few clicks to access the Open list.

How could I add the Open tab into the Page toolbar at the top of page and then show the list of open tiddlers?

This is commonly call a jump button. Do a search for that or I may share mine soon.

Here is one jump-list-menu.json (578 Bytes) which works on the menu bar - just install it from the core plugins.

  • This has the advantage the menu bar is always visible.

You can place the macro within it, in another solution, a tab or make a button that uses it.

  • I will see if I can share a button.
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Thanks for your advice @TW_Tones.

Sorry I might not be clear for my question. I would like to add a n item to $:/tags/PageControls at the top of windows in the Notebook theme with a dropdown menu, instead of $:/tags/MenuBar.

However, it seems PageControls doesn’t support a list.

it looks like this now:

It would be the best if I could duplicate the Open menu in the Sidedar to PageControls.

I am not sure what the notebook theme needs but I understand;

I only had one for the menu available, at the time I posted, You could use this to learn how it works and make your own, but as I said…

I have made one but I am doing a little extra before sharing it.

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Try this, its not perfect but works;

  • Remove the $:/tags/ViewToolbar tag to not show on each tiddler.

jump-button.json (2.8 KB)


Great. It is working now. I will learn how you achieve it.

Its based on the core button tiddlers but modified so you only need one tiddler.

@TW_Tones Thanks for your help. After learning your scripts, I modify into a new version to repeat the same behaviour in the Open list, i.e. close and reorder tiddlers.

$__my_jumpbutton.json (4.1 KB)

I will have to add the reorder too.

Some tips,

Rather than $:/my/ as your tiddler prefix. Choose a brand. I use PSaT fpr my business name People, System and Things.

  • I think “bang” would be a good one for you. $:/bang/
  • Then use the next level for project and the next for the tiddler
    • eg $:/bang/projectname/button $:/bang/buttons/jumpbutton etc…
  • Note you could wrap you list in a div and add some padding to make it look even better.

Thanks for sharing back

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Looking at Implementing a contextmenu with wikitext - #17 by Yaisog

by @Yaisog . I though it would be very nice to have a context menu with all open tiddlers in the story river, like what you proposed!

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