On Discourse ... How do I reply privately?

I simply can’t grasp how you reply privately to people???

I think @Mohammad is a great contributer to TW. He is not English. And, because I teach English, I wanted to send him some tips on how to handle English plurals slightly better.

But I can’t see how I’d do that.

Best, TT

@TiddlyTweeter ,
Would that be fair. I mean, your profile is private, would he even be able to answer you?

Yep, like @Birthe said…

I was going to email to ask you… why?

All I’m asking about is how to, via Discourse, write privately to a person. I assume that happens via email? In which case he can easily reply?

Click the message button


Great! Thanks. This is part of my issue with Discourse. It is richly useful, but all the bits and pieces are all over the place.

Best, TT.

TiddlyTweeter, The reason for this is to not show peoples email addresses - to avoid email harvesting.

Ciao @Birthe, that I appreciate. The issue, I think, is that the Discourse interface is not intuitive. You have to learn a lot to get okay at it. I am still not convinced it is optimal for beginners.

Best wishes, TT

There is a second possibility, if someone has a private profile. You only need to know the name of the user.

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You may never be. But don’t confuse TW-noobs with regular web users. Learning TW can be hard for non-techie folks but Discourse? I remain to be convinced there’s a problem at all (backed with ~4 yrs Discourse moderator experience).

Now quit with all the moaning and go edit a screenplay or six :upside_down_face:

You can also go direct to a personal (private) message from anywhere you reply.

Hit the reply arrow:

Then pick the new personal message:

And then you are composing in the personal message screen:

I decided not to send @TiddlyTweeter an official warning :laughing: