Noosphere (Your brain on IPFS)

I’m thinking TW-X needs Noosphere needs TW-X.

(I’m allowed to dream :blush: :nerd_face:)


I also want to use ipfs to sync between tiddloid and tidgi app.

Hi @CodaCoder , thanks for sharing!
We should get @papiche into this discussion, because he has already made the framework for linking TW to IPFS

Yep @CodaCoder, new release should allow you to choose a place on the planet to position your TW’s (and other data and app recorded into IPFS)

  • Choose a piece of UPlanet
  • Provide an EMAIL, and a PASS
  • Wait 90 sec. Clic on yellow face.
  • Read & print MESSAGE.html, it contains UMap key
  • Receive & read your email.txt it contains TW key

You get a TW online, recorded to IPFS and landed on UMap
Each one can copy a Youtube channel, or perform other kind of data involution to content addressed storage (ask to receive free G1).

G1Card QRCode is used to login/logout on “G1Station”

@JanJo @CodaCoder @linonetwo give it a try, and send me a review

It is like Noosphere! But all IPFS + TW based where “Subconscious” is similar TW “Tags”, and “Conscious” crawling based on ScuttleButt protocol is made by “wish keys” (G1Voeu) running default or specific (ASTROBOT) data merging programs.

It seems DNS replications is not perfect worldwide with domain
You can try this link : U Planet Infinity project 0.01° x 0.01°


This is a very beautiful visualization of the noosphere!

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Unable to connect
Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at 12349.

This error can occur.

This is due to “http engine” made with “netcat” switching next response port.
You can see it as a blockchain entrance, needing from 1 second to 90s to operate.

  • Umap ground keys are LON & LAT made
  • TW keys are EMAIL & PASS made
    both are linked.

This makes like a IPFS “TW booth” network, anyone can be part of.


Not sure how that helps me. It’s a non-starter here.

Tried again: Gateway timeout.

Too bad you can’t use it…
Do you use desktop or smartphone?

It starts having registered TWs on 0.00 / 0.00 address

Todo would be to select “Different TW Templates” and build an App from the TW’s json rss feeds produced…

I use desktop, Firefox latest on Win10.

And sorry, I don’t have time to “play”. It hasn’t worked 6 straight times in a row. :frowning:

Sorry for you

But. This code is a playground for GNU/Linux users
It is made for students to show up how “Web3” is organized and chained.
It aims to get use of key chained content addressed data on IPFS storage