Non-technical way to get older versions of TiddlyWiki 5 and Classic

For older versions of TiddlyWiki 5, you can find them as completed or empty editions at

For older versions of TiddlyWiki Classic, you can find the versions at Archive of older versions of TiddlyWiki

I found this out only recently, and thought it would be a useful tip for less technical enjoyers :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks for this reminder.

For those using the node.js version, less technical enjoyers or otherwise,

npm uninstall tiddlywiki
npm install tiddlywiki@[version number]

appears to do the trick should one want to revert to an older version – temporarily or otherwise – as I just did to compare what I perceived to be line spacing changes between 5.3.1 vs. 5.3.2. (my perception was wrong by the way.)

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And if looking for any version of TiddlyWiki 5 upgrade.html: