Nodejs Wiki: TypeError: options.tiddlerinfo is undefined on New TIddler button click

On a hosted nodejs wiki with credentials set, if a visitor who is not logged in clicks the new tiddler button on the Page toolbar the get a red screen popup on the initial click and the server sync icon goes red and stays red. Subsequent clicks on new tiddler button brings up the new tiddler in edit mode.

Is there a way to catch the error and display a user friendly message to log in to edit content?

tiddlywiki wiki --listen port=PORT credentials=credentials.csv "readers=(anon)" "writers=(authenticated)" root-tiddler=$:/core/save/lazy-all

Thank you – the “red screen of embarrassment” always indicates a bug in the core, and we are very motivated to fix them.

I was able to duplicate the problem with a variant of the command you used in the root of the TW5 repo, and I’m testing a fix.

tiddlywiki editions/ --listen port=8080 credentials=../../credentials.csv "readers=(anon)" "writers=(authenticated)" root-tiddler=$:/core/save/lazy-all

credentials.csv is the demo file given in

When I open the wiki as a read-only user, though, I do not see the “new tiddler” button; by design it is hidden when in read-only mode. I navigated directly to $:/core/ui/Buttons/new-tiddler in order to be able to click the button, but I wondered if perhaps there was a separate fault with your wiki that was causing the new tiddler button to be displayed for anonymous users?

I believe it was visible due to mono theme tweaks where I had added new tiddler to the toolbar.

Thanks that makes sense. I’ll update here when the fix is ready.

Hi I’ve pushed a fix in Fix options.tiddlerinfo is undefined on New TIddler button click by Jermolene · Pull Request #7162 · Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5 · GitHub, do let me know how you get on with it.

Working as expected, thank you.