NodeJS Lazy-All interation with ButtonWidget

Possible issue with $Button set attribute triggering reload of tiddler for anon user on lazy-all wiki breaking navigation based on buttons. If you are logged in the refresh does not occur which is the expected result.

Wiki refreshes every 60ish seconds to the original tab that was opened on the tiddler when first accessed.

  1. Navigate to it currently opens on “Enemies Downed” reveal for a table and an echarts bar chart.
  2. Click on another tab (Dashboard as an example) you get the appropriate echarts bubble chart revealed
  3. Wait ~1 to 60 seconds
  4. Page refreshes to the original “Enemies Downed” reveal

Console shows the following after 3 above:

tiddlywiki wiki --listen port=PORT credentials=credentials.csv "readers=(anon)" "writers=(authenticated)" root-tiddler=$:/core/save/lazy-all

If a widget changes a user defined field contained in a fully loaded tiddler what is the expected behavior under root-tiddler=$:/core/save/lazy-all?

Logged in as writer(authenticated) behaves differently than logged in as reader (anon).

It appears that I can move from setting a field to utilizing a state tiddler and avoid the refresh while not logged in to the wiki.


<$button set="!!curTab" setTo="Overview" selectedClass="" class="btn btn-sm btn-dark" style=""> Session Overview </$button>

With this:

<$button set="$:/state/curTab" setTo="Overview" selectedClass="" class="btn btn-sm btn-dark" style=""> Session Overview </$button>

However, this would require startup activity to establish the state tiddlers to ensure the tiddler opens to an initial state that is appropriate. Multiple if I want each tiddler to have its own state.

A lot of activity to replace utilizing fields to work around the refresh.