No scrollbar in sidebar of Ansel Santosa's Material theme

I’m using the Material theme (Ansel's Plugins — A demo wiki) and I like the layout, simplicity, colors, easy searching and clearness very much.

But in the sidebar the scrollbar doesn’t show when a long list is displayed. Any ideas/solutions?

At the demo site you are informed, that there is a lot of bugs at the moment. looking at github it looks as if nothing has happened the last 5 years.

Make a new tiddler tagged with the “$:/tags/Stylesheet” tag, put this in the text field:

.tc-sidebar-scrollable { overflow-y: scroll; }

As Birthe notes, that demo site indicates that there are “a lot of bugs at the moment”.

In addition, the TW version in use there is “5.1.15-prerelease”, while your snapshot shows “5.2.3-prerelease”, so I would expect there to be even more problems due to the “version skew” between the distro site and your “sandbox - test site” document.

I see that you’ve reported your issue on GitHub (No scrollbar in sidebar · Issue #4 · anstosa/tw5-material-theme · GitHub), but I wouldn’t hold out much hope, since the repo doesn’t seem to have any active development (the last update was on Nov 5, 2017).

Even so, here’s a quick “patch” for your specific issue:

  1. create a new tiddler (e.g., “MyStyles”)
  2. give it a tag of $:/tags/Stylesheet
  3. enter the following in the body of the tiddler:
.tc-sidebar-scrollable { overflow:auto; }
  1. press done to apply the CSS


J.D also created a version, that is also an older version, but the scroll sidebar works, the drop downs does not flow over the sides and most important, I do not get disturbing error messages as I had testing the site you linked to.

yes, that worked and solved my problem, thanks Eric and Brain

The version I mentioned has a much better layout (sidebar doesn’t collapse automatically, quick access to search box, etc). I’m using the latest TW version and so far this was the only bug I’ve encountered