New Release Banner Super-speedy Competition for v5.2.1

As usual, I’d like to hold a competition to design the banner image that is shown on the splash screen and within the opening HelloThere tiddler.

The unusual thing this time around is that we have very limited time. Due to a serious bug introduced by the latest version of Chrome we are trying to get v5.2.1 released as soon as possible, perhaps as soon as this weekend.

With that in mind, we’ll have to run the competition slightly differently this time:

  • Entries will be accepted until Friday morning at 8am UK time
  • To speed things up, my plan is that I should choose the winning image (I’m open to discussion here!)

The artwork should reflect some of the changes in the new version. I’ve updated the release note for the prerelease but at this point the documentation for some of the new features is not complete.

The other rules/guidelines for the competition are:

  • The version number (with the correct punctuation) must be clear and readable even when the banner is shown at a reduced size
  • The image must be a PNG or JPEG of exactly 560x315 pixels
  • The bottom 46 pixels will be obscured by the banner text “What’s new in 5.2.1” when it is displayed within HelloThere
  • The image need not include the word “TiddlyWiki”. The banner image is only used in contexts where it is clear that it is about TiddlyWiki
  • Feel free to enter an updated version of artwork that was a runner-up in a previous competition
  • Reply to this message with your entry, or any questions
  • Please give lots of feedback here to encourage the artists

Here are the posts about previous artwork competitions:

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The Chrome bug I was referring to is discussed here:

Plans for the v5.2.1 release are being discussed here:

Best wishes and many thanks,


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