New Release Banner Competition for v5.2.4

We’re hoping to release v5.2.4 in November. As usual, I’d like to hold a competition to design the banner image that is shown on the splash screen and within the opening HelloThere tiddler.

Ideally, the artwork should reflect some of the changes in the new version. I’ve updated the release note for the prerelease:

Entries will be accepted until Tuesday 15th November 2022 at 8am UK time, followed by voting to select the winning entry.

The other rules/guidelines for the competition are:

  • The version number must be clear and readable even when the banner is shown at a reduced size
  • The version number must use the correct punctuation including the “v” prefix and clear full stops between the numbers
  • The image must be a PNG or JPEG of exactly 560x315 pixels
  • Note that the image is displayed at a smaller size on , so check that your artwork is legible at the display size (the scaling is done in order to yield good quality on hi-dpi displays)
  • The bottom 46 pixels will be obscured by the banner text “What’s new in 5.2.4” when it is displayed within HelloThere
  • The image need not include the word “TiddlyWiki”. The banner image is only used in contexts where it is clear that it is about TiddlyWiki
  • Feel free to enter an updated version of artwork that was a runner-up in a previous competition
  • Reply to this message with your entry, or any questions
  • Please give lots of feedback here to encourage the artists

Here are the posts about previous artwork competitions:

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Good luck! I’ll be looking forward to seeing the entries.

Best wishes



Awesome! Tiddlyhost site for browsing entries (and past contests) has been updated:

Anyone want to comment on the prerelease features you see as most worthy of featuring within a banner image??


Of note is both the Genesis Widget and new operators for reading and formatting JSON data. Both are powerful extension’s but both will need more documentation and support and most likely only used by advanced users.

The JSON operators were actually released in v5.2.3, albeit they do not seem to feature in the v5.2.3 banner artwork.

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Where do I send mine to be submitted, if you don’t mind me asking?

Edit: I’m just going to place it here, I’ll be happy to move it elsewhere if need be ^^


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I think you need change the font :upside_down_face: . Why? Is that a “5” or an “S”?

Maybe increase the size of the circles containing (I assume) the new features?

Just comments. It looks promising, Best, TT

Made some minor fixes, lemme know if anything else can be improved :smiley:


Edit: I tweaked it because the color didn’t really match the rest, so I’ll leave that below as an alternative! (Anyone else think foo looks like a ghost?)

v5.2.4-complete v3


My attempt :wink:



Here is mine (:



Thank you to @Springer and all the excellent entries so far.

We’re not yet ready for the v5.2.4 release so I propose extending the competition for a week, until 8am on Tuesday 15th November.


Thank you to @lyjones, @dmikh and @Justin_H for their entries, all of a very high standard. The competition is now closed.

I’ll set up a poll for the voting shortly.