New Markdown Plugin Merged

On behalf of @jeremyruston, I’m happy to announce the release of a new Markdown plugin. Here’s the demo from TiddlyWiki’s pre-release build. The older version is still available but renamed “markdown-legacy”.

Key Improvements

  • More conformant to CommonMark / Github Flavored Markdown (GFM) spec.

  • Careful integration of important wikitext elements such as CamelCase and system tiddler links, [[...]] prettylinks, tw image syntax, macrocalls, transclusions, widgets. (prettylink and image rules are enabled when added to the renderWikiTextPragma config value).

  • Additional syntax extension: strikethrough, insertion, mark, superscript, subscript, footnotes, definition list.

  • Improved support for KaTex, recognizing both $..$ (inline math) and $$..$$ (display mode math) with safe guards against accidental KaTex expressions between $ marks.

  • Further extendable via markdown-it related plugins.

  • Improved rendering–no more appearances of closing tags whenever the markdown text contains HTML fragments.

For more info, see the config and syntax sections of the plugin tiddler.

Disabling .meta creation for markdown tiddler type in Node.js

A tip I learned from this post by @tejasvi: you can have TiddlyWiki on Node.js save markdown tiddlers as .tid files instead of as pairs of .md and .md.meta files by adding the following filter to $:/config/FileSystemExtensions:


Can we try to support markdown’s auto-generated table of contents?

Looks like the emoji extension is working fine