Need advice another alternative to saving tiddlywiki

the reason why im asking this is because saving and auto saving a single file means more wear and tear on the hdd since im not just saving some data but all the wiki.
so i know about the nodejs which is creating a single tiddler as opposed to a single tiddlywiki but want to explore other option

In terms of wear and tear, I strongly doubt that even autosaving your wiki ten times a minute is going to have any significant impact on the life of your hard drive.

As @saqimtiaz points out the impact on wear is trivial. Tiddlywiki is usually small than a single image now days, and your operating system is most likey using gigabytes to manage your swap file. Even the browser is making caching decisions for you all the time and reading and writing to/from to disk. Even if you wanted to reduce activity on the disk you may find it impossible.

  • I would not worry at all
  • You could turn off autosave but you increase the risk of loosing data. I do this sometimes not to protect disk but for performance of large wikis.
  • Possibly the best way to protect disk is to have plenty of ram memory.

I agree. Though SDDs (maybe not so much now?) do/did suffer from excess write/deletes.
But to get to that non-nirvana you’d need a lot of big TWs (like dozens) saving very frequently to “infinite redundant backups”.

BUT, there, is, I think, a relevant issue on “let’s optimise the scale of auto-backup redundancy.” It is not that any of the current solutions are in anyway faulty.

Rather that the ‘external to TW’ backup logic is not so well covered yet.
AND that strategies of the personable saving are never ever always identical.
It is not just tech. It is also ontology.

Some want a day’s coverage. Others require saves (i.e backups) daily back to 1320.

I do think those different strategies matter somewhere.

FYI notey: I use “Polly”, a Powershell script written by the brillant Mark S. some years ago. On Windows. I use it to custom manage TW backups and more.

Just thoughts

Switch it off?

Save only when imperatively needed?

A thought

If you want to use it like single HTML, but save only part of it, you can use sqlite, see TidGi Mobile’s code for example:

  1. provide methods to save to sqlite
  1. write a sync-adaptor module (like tiddlyweb-syncadaptor) to use your custom sqlite storage

This is the real way to do it, if you can understand, you can do anything to save data anywhere.

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I just thought, as I said, although I don’t think saves to HDD are a problem, if your internet connection is good you may use a private tiddlyhost wiki, then you only write to the network, however I expect your browser will still cache the file localy.