Narenj Plugin: Tools for Pin, View and Edit in the Sidebar

Narenj is a new plugin from kookma library

If you work with a big screen, then you can enjoy the large sidebar area! Narenj is a kookma plugin facilitates the use of sidebar tab for side by side view/edit tiddlers.

Code and demo

If you have kookma plugin library! open it in your wiki and install Narenj by a simple click :wink:

Release 0.2.0

  • Apr 23rd, 2023
  • [NEW] Updated to TiddlyWiki 5.2.7
  • [NEW] Rewrite of plugin
  • [NEW] Viewtemplate based on the core viewtemplate
  • [FIXED] Bugs in view toolbar buttons
  • [FIXED] CSS for side editor

Release 0.1.0

  • May 2nd, 2021
  • [NEW] Inspired and adopted from Drift akhater · GitHub
  • [NEW] Add sidebar editor
  • [NEW] Initial beta release


  • Akhater: akhater · GitHub the developer behind Drift
  • David Gifford (@DaveGifford) for his idea on edit in sidebar
  • Mat von TWaddle (@twMat) for his idea and plugins on side editor


Pinned to sidebar tab

Edit in side editor

See in tutorial: Narenj 0.2.0 — sidebar tools for edit/view tiddlers

Etymology and Story: Narenj (نارنج) is a Persian name for ‌Bitter Orange (Citrus aurantium) which is mainly produced in Pars province (Shiraz) and north province Mazandaran (Iran). At this time of the year (spring), orange trees are full of blossoms, which are called spring orange blossoms, and they are very fragrant. Many travels to Shiraz and its countryside to see these beautiful trees.

image image

Release 0.3.0

  • Apr 25th, 2023
  • [NEW] shift+click close a pinned tiddler and reopen it in the story river
  • [NEW] Settings tab was added to customize the behavior of Narenj
  • [FIXED] Typos in documentation
  • [FIXED] Cleanup code

Very neat Mohammad! In some of my wikis I use an editor in a draggable moveable container for a similar user experience.

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April 24

Very neat Mohammad! In some of my wikis I use an editor in a draggable moveable container for a similar user experience.

Thank you Saq!
A floating editor would give a lot of flexibility! but I assume it needs some JS :wink:

I do indeed use JS in my implementation, however I wonder if it could now be done in wikitext with the $eventcatcher widget. It would be a fun experiment for someone to try! :wink:

Hi Mohammad,

For a long time now, I have been using the simpler version which you cooked up for me years ago. It is nice to see this version which has the editor toolbar, a big advance.

One question: how do you save changes once you have edited the tiddler? I don’t see cancel-save-delete buttons.

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Narenj is like naranja in Spanish. Easy to remember!

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Hi David,
The current version has no cancel/save button as it is like a live editor! But as you said, I think it is worth adding a cancel button.
So, for any reason, one can have the option to revert the changes!
Added to my tasks! Thank you

I just downloaded and tried it locally. Now I see that the save button in the page controls is the way to save it. Since that is also the download button on the demo page, there was no way to test that there. That is why I didn’t see it before.

Your “Tutorial Edit” tab would benefit from a short note explaining that the save button in page controls is what is used to save changes.

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Played around with the demo this morning and I think I could find this very useful. I am currently using a tweaked version of the Sidebar Editor and might switch to this.

Question: I liked the pin tiddler to sidebar idea. However, once the tiddler is pinned to the sidebar, I would like to see another button that would unpin it from the sidebar and return it the the story river. Would that be possible?

Thanks in advance and great work once again!

Just thought of another question. Would it be possible to have a button in the View Toolbar where it would activate the sidebar editor for that tiddler and populate it?

Thank you Dave, I add this!

That is fair! I add this to my task list to implement it!

This is one of the best. Thank you @twMat. Like you I have a hacked version and I use it!

I like the idea by @saimtiaz to have the side editor movable/draggable.


Do you mean to have several tiddler at the same time in sidebar editor like a river?

See original post!
A new update to address comments by @DaveGifford and @HistoryBuff is pushed!

Thanks @Mohammad. I’m currently on travel and am anxious to try it when I get home in a couple of days.

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