My 'playground', plugin / theme, How to highlight page tab which is near by header?

I am using some of following tiddlywiki features!

My ‘playground’

I am facing one issue and want to solve, anyone please helps me to solve the issue!

In My ‘playground’ tiddlywiki, there are two nice plugins Tiddlersbar & Tabstory plugins which are nice to works on, e.g. Open tiddlers on top of page like tabs.

These works best on Story View e.g. zoomin, But i want it must nicely works on other Views e.g. classic or pop.

The trick which I want to achive is that in Sticky titles, The tiddler which will be top to stick must be active on Tiddlersbar.

So how to, make Tiddlersbar’s, tab active which is top of page (already sticky) in Sticky mode and on Pop or Classic view when scroll up / down on page (e.g. tiddler moves up / down) automatically???

Note: When new tiddler opened / created then that’s tiddler becomes active already, but when scroll moves up / down new tiddler becomes not active!

Please, help me if anyone, for more info let me know!

Hi, Perhaps you should edit the title, “higlish” is not a word I understand.

Because your question relates to a combination of "My Playground, Sticky titles, Tiddlersbar & Tabstory it takes a lot of effort to set up a wiki and try and solve it for you.

Perhaps you can get a tiddlyhost site and put together an example wiki that demonstrates the problem? Then share the link here. You may find more people who think they may be able to help.

It looks like I can’t edit post title and body too! Or there something i am missing?

I have created testing site here:

To be simple, I want to Make open tiddler hilight (some type of indecator) which one is top of page (stick) in sticky mode e.g. in above case Another testing tiddler.

Also note when scroll up / down, other tiddler can also become top of page (stick to top) it must be active / higlight on Open tiddler tab.

@ctoabidmaqbool1 looks like you need to get used to some basic operation before you start making changes.

To rename a tiddler, you need to press edit ?

Rather than sticky tiddlers at the top you could try

  • A tiddler with the SystemTag: $:/tags/AboveStory
  • the menu bar plugin like on
  • In the open tab you can drag and drop the order of the visible tiddlers
  • To get the tabs at the top perhaps use the plugin $:/plugins/bj/storytabs this seems to be the source