My first TiddlyWiki plugin built with Gatha Studio: Static Page Button

This plugin is only for TiddlyWiki running on Node.js server.

Suppose you have a TiddlyWiki site named , on which you have tiddlers like “my-hobbies”, “my-favorite-movies”.

Sometimes you don’t want to share your homepage to friends, as it loads much longer than a static page, so you decide to share to others, instead of

But how do you get the static page URL quickly? Here comes the Static Page Button plugin. It will generate a button below the body of every non-system tiddler, when clicking the button you will get a static page of that tiddler.

If you want to switch back to interactive StoryRiver view from static page view, there is also a button below the body of that static page, clicking on it will bring you back to StoryRiver view.

I created this plugin with the help of Gatha Studio, Thanks @Mohammad for creating Gatha (I’m also using Utility / Favorites / Timeline plugin from Mohammad). And I also want to thank @linonetwo for his insistence that I convert this feature for my own use into a TiddlyWiki plugin, otherwise I would not know the making process in Gatha is so simple and straightforward.

Since it’s the first time I create TiddlyWiki plugin, it may contain bugs and other issues. If you are interested in this plugin, just install it on your Node.js TiddlyWiki site and have a try. I’d like to hear your feedbacks :blush:

plugin_pimgeek_StaticPageButton_v0.0.1_20230617.json (6.3 KB)


Wonderful. Thank you for sharing!
@TW_Tones may help to return to the same tab when you click from static page and like to return to dynamic story river. Now a new tab is opened every time you click on view in interactive mode

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This seems to be an unwise decision, I added target="_blank" to both link button. Let me fix that by removing this attribute. In the future I may need to create a setting page for button behavior customizations.

Updated Version (no target="_blank", extra margin below the buttons are removed): plugin_pimgeek_StaticPageButton_v0.0.2_20230617.json (6.5 KB)


I think this is adding too much spaces, can you remove the margin-top: 6rem; from it?

and maybe it should check the hostname or environment, to only show this button when published, not showing in local TidGi app or local edit environment.

Also, there is a Show/hide tiddler code in kk-utility-details, better if you can move your buttons into same line, to save some vertical space in storyflow mode.

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