Multicolumn support for Storytabs plug in

@buggyj Is it possible to add support for multicolumn plug-in in your storytabs plug in. Since multicolumn uses multiple story rivers, currently the storytabs plug-in isn’t working when used along with multicolumn plug in.

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Also like if multi-column Storytabs could work. Could be very useful for drag & drop tiddlers from one column to another to add to things like Projects in Projectify layouts.

Hi @arunnbabu81 - I think I should document how to access the different story rivers in the Multi-Column Layout.

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Is there a link somewhere to the storytabs plugin?

Ah I see, thank you @arunnbabu81

I believe this doesn’t make sense with the multicolumn storyviews because they’re not using the zoomin storyview. Maybe I’m wrong…

How should these two plugins work together?

One of these three might be better suited to work with multicolumn layout.

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The Be Rad Edition — witty text goes here looks like what I am looking for!