Modified version to $:/core/ui/ListItemTemplate to show pop up for the list links

This is the code used in $:/core/ui/ListItemTemplate

<div class="tc-menu-list-item"><$link /></div>

I need a modified version of the $:/core/ui/ListItemTemplate such that the list links on hover brings a pop up showing the transcluded tiddler like in the transclusioninpopups by @DaveGifford

<div class="tooltip">YYY<div class="tooltiptext"><$transclude tiddler="ZZZ" mode="block"/></div></div>

This is a quite useful template but very simple. I think this quite old template, may be @jeremyruston can confirm this.

I propose an update for this handy template. Then, it can be be used in many use cases out the box.

Hovering doesn’t work on mobile devices. So it should stay as a plugin for those who want it.