Mobile Firefox and git not playing nice

Recently mobile firefox has refused to load or load really slowly, my wiki which is hosted on git.
Mobile chrome runs It fine and the same wiki hosted on tiddlyhost also works fine.
Has anyone else encountered this?

git: Engineers Text Book — An Hyperlinked Text Book for Engineers

I’m using an LG V30 with FF latest.

I do have uBlockOrigin installed and tracking settings to max. … Your page needs about 40 seconds to load and then doesn’t respond anymore

I don’t have a problem with and my own wikis hosted at GitHub.

I haven’t ever started Chrome on my phone and I never will. … sorry.

This is why I’ve switched back to firefox…but it’s not making it easy in this instance!

I have similar setting that @pmario has, it takes more time but it “works”.

I look into uBlockOrigin (in PC) and for some reason your page does 3 times the same request xhr.
(3) ⇒
while and tiddlyhost do 1 request.

I don’t know if it is the problem and how you can solve it.

I don’t really understand this almost religious aversion to Chrome. But since they removed the ability to add extensions, there is less reason to use it. Maybe try the Kiwi browser and see it works better. My add-blocker works on Kiwi, but alas not the tiddlysaver extension.

I just thought I’d try and make it a tiny tiny little bit more difficult for Google to know everything about me :slight_smile:

I still use chrome on the works pc…

And yet your own site wants to use some sort of analytics on me. Hmm. Maybe that’s the problem?

The engineeers notebook loaded in about 10 seconds on the Kiwi browser, where I have ublock origin installed. Android 8.

Edit: It loaded on FF in about 10 seconds also. So maybe there’s just a problem with your local network?

Well obviously I don’t mind Google knowing everything about you! :smiley:
I’m not even sure I’ve analytics hooked up!

Hmmmm. I get the same result in wifi and mobile data…
Thanks for checking.

I’ll check out kiwi.

Also, my FF has two add-blockers and privacy badger. So it really could be the analytics slowing things down.