Maple - recipes | meal-planning | grocery

Found an interesting wiki in tiddlyhost today - Maple - recipes | meal-planning | grocery created by Dan. Sharing it here for people who haven’t seen it yet. I am not sure whether the author of this wiki is a member of this forum or not. There are many interesting things to learn from this I think.


The overall look is simple and pleasing to look at. Thanks for pointing it out, there are few things

  • The radio buttons to switch views on the recipes home page is a good idea.

  • Changing the color of the top bar to grey when the wiki has un-saved changes is interesting. :thinking: It took a while to notice that the bar went grey, then a bit more to understand why; but once I got it, the change was noticeable without being too distracting.

Bonus points for using Lobster as the font for the wiki title. :nerd_face:

I increased sidebar width to 350px to get rid of the scrollbar covering the tab titles.


Another interesting thing is that this is based on tw 5.1.14

Thank you for sharing @arunnbabu81.
This is an example of TW use case in real life.
Nice, clean, and easy to use :star_struck: :medal_sports: