Make quick and easy todo lists, kanban and more with the ButtonListMacro!

i have made a handful of macros for my own use and figured they might be helpful to others. while this is not actually a plugin (it’s just one tiddler), it seemed close enough. so i packed it up and brought them for you here!

introducing ButtonListMacro (actually 4 macros now), a quick tool to make todo lists, workflow tracking, kanban, or anything else that consists of lists with buttons to move things between them. it’s pretty simple, but hopefully someone else finds it useful :slight_smile:

there is support for one button (before each list item – like a checkbox) or two (one on each side of the list item). each button removes the tag that the item is listed with and replaces it with another one. icons can be easily added by putting the name of an image tiddler as the macro parameter.

both one-button and two-button layouts have tabled variants that have a nice header.

<<buttonlist listTag clickTag iconTiddler>>
<<buttonlist2 listTag clickTag iconTiddler clicktag2 iconTiddler2>>
<<buttonlisttable listTag clickTag iconTiddler>>
<<buttonlisttable2 listTag clickTag iconTiddler clicktag2 iconTiddler2>>

the attached tiddler contains the macros as well as a description, syntax reference, and a demo todo list showing how multiple ButtonListMacros can come together to make a nice workflow tracker.


ButtonListMacro.tid (4.0 KB)


Thanks for sharing @Scribs it’s great to see the different approaches to common uses of TiddlyWiki

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thank you for sharing your work here. On your examples; you should correct the now example using buttonlistable2 instead of buttonlisttable to be able to set a now action to the pending list.

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fixed and updated the OP, thanks :slight_smile:

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update: thanks to TW update 5.3.0, i have added the ability to make custom sorts! use the new optional parameter sort to input your own filter run to sort the lists. they can be simple runs like [sort[modified]], or you can use a filter run prefix to make more complicated sorts like :sort:number[split[ ]last[]]. the default value is [!sort[created]], as it was before.

additionally, these have been promoted to procedures, which might prevent some things from breaking? it certainly made it easier to write them.

you can get the updated file attached here, it seems I can’t edit the OP anymore…updated syntax and documentation included in the attachment :slight_smile:

ButtonListMacro 2.0.tid (5.2 KB)