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I am using Tiddlywiki for a while now and I am super happy with the functionality it offers to really build a big variety of use cases. Right now I am struggling with a problem, I am not really sure can easily be solved only with widgets and filters.

I want to build something like a tree structure of cause and error to certain failure mechanisms. Each tiddler represents such a failure and the immediate cause(s) is/are stored as a list in the according list-field.

So this structure can get very long and I want to be able to show a list of all the list entries as a chain, starting at a specific tiddler.

Is there an “easy” way to accomplish that?

Thank you in advance!

You can use two list widgets:

<$list filter="[has[causes]]">
<$list filter="[list[!!causes]]">



Is that what you imagined ?

What do you mean by “I want to start at a specific tiddler” ? How should the list be sorted ?

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This sounds like a job for… macro recursion!

Let’s assume you have a set of “failure” tiddlers, where each tiddler is tagged with “failure”, and has a field name causes, which contains a list of other failure tiddler titles. Something like this:

  • failure1: causes=“failure2”
  • failure2: causes=“failure3 failure4” (i.e., two different causes)
  • failure3: causes=“failure5”
  • failure4: causes=“failure6”
  • failure5: causes=“failure7”
  • failure6: causes=“failure7”
  • failure7: causes="" (blank field value or omit the field entirely)

First, create a tiddler (e.g., “ShowCausesTemplate”), tagged with $:/tags/ViewTemplate, containing:

\define showCauses()
<$list filter="[<currentTiddler>get[causes]enlist-input[]]">
   <blockquote><$macrocall $name="showCauses"/></blockquote>

<$list filter="[<currentTiddler>tag[failure]]"><<showCauses>></$list>


  • $:/tags/ViewTemplate causes the above wikitext content to be invoked for EVERY tiddler
  • But the $list widget at the end of the tiddler checks to see if the current tiddler is tagged with failure, so that the <<showCauses>> macro is only processed for tiddlers that are actually ‘failure’ tiddlers.
  • Within the <<showCauses>> macro:
    • The $link widget shows the name of the current tiddler in the chain
    • The $list widget loops through each “cause” listed in the current tiddler
    • <blockquote>...</blockquote> provides indentation for showing each step in the chain
    • The $macrocall does the recursion for each “cause”

The resulting output for tiddler “failure1” will look something like this:

 | failure2
 | | failure3
 | | | failure5
 | | | | failure7
 | | failure4
 | | | failure6
 | | | | failure7

Hope this meets your needs… let me know how it goes.



@EricShulman perfect, that´s the solution! Thank you very much!