Looking forward to the TW TABLET

TW is ultra-flexi!

I am surprised I have not seen it yet as the full FrontEnd on a tablet.

Certainly the node.js version, with access to a BackEnd, to add some facilities an un-noded alone browser can’t do, it could be brilliant with ability to launch other programs.

Has anyone sold TW on a dedicated machine for its facility? (kiosk; total tablet tool etc.) ??

Just wondering

I remember discussions about a kiosk, but I’ve never seen anything done.

I have a similar usage in mind, although bigger than a tablet. I live on a horse stable, my wife’s full-time business. I would like to build her a wiki to manage the farm: keep the lesson schedule, update the horses’ feeding instructions, track blacksmith and veterinary visits, log the work done by the horses, and more. I would love to hang a wireless touch-screen monitor in her office connected to some dedicated machine on our network that’s hosting TW on Node, with some automatic backups running.

The monitor would show a slideshow of horse pictures, but on touch would revert to showing a main view with the lesson schedule focused, and other read-only views easily accessible. (The lesson schedule will be the main reason for anyone outside the family to use the wiki.) There would be a keyboard also nearby, although perhaps not obvious. On some signal an edit interface would come up and she can update the daily tasks, or make other edits, all backed up in real-time to Node, and from there on some schedule to an SCM server. (So, I’m paranoid!)

I’m nowhere near starting this project, but a kiosk mode would be really helpful for me too.

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  • I have foggy memories of at least one person doing this, others may have done something similar with a Raspberry Pi

I doubt I will make a Kiosk tablet for myself, but I did just obtain a new tablet computer, to get away from my desk more.

  • Its true though this would be a good solution

But I do see a value in a Kiosk mode in tiddlywiki, just to keep interactions simple and read only when accessing a wiki apart from where I edit it.

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I’m always fascinated by the idea of using TW on an eink device. I have a Boox ereader, but I find it rather under powered.


I used to run a home wiki on a xiaomi tablet 2, but I find I always sit on the PC and using TidGi Desktop so it is not necessary.

So this idea is only for outdoor workers I think. But nodejs wiki’s auth is not convenient, so it is also not easy to access a public nodejs server when you are outdoors.

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One= approach to node is to install it (a node server) on a tablet or phone, and access locally, then when arriving at home or work you join the wiki network and can access the same wiki from your desktop device.

This has the advantage of always being with you on your mobile device but also accessible on your desktop or home we network from another device.

  • This kind if installation is not so much wide area network dependant, only local area network.
  • This is useful for people with high internet costs because it does not use the internet in anyway.
  • Sadly this approach is a little difficult to install and maintain.
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I have being reflecting on the TiddlyWiki tablet and was thinking perhaps we can make a community showcase for tablet and or mobile/smart phones with an appropriate theme/layout, and the various plugins that allow camera, audio, video and GPS so people have quick access to an edition intended for mobile devices.

  • A related feature set is what I may call detachable, that is wikis that work on a mobile device even when the network connection is lost, allowing a save once you return to the network, be it WAN or LAN. Ie internet/wifi.
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