Logout Error: XMLHttpRequest error code: 404

Attempting to log out on nodejs wiki by clicking the Server Status icon and selecting logout from the menu

produces the following:

I also received this error, however I was not using Node, but instead just a standard 5.2.3 tiddlywiki on tiddlyhost.

I had kept mine open and left range of the wifi. Did you do the same? If so, maybe that could be the cause of it.

No wifi, just logged into a fresh wiki then tried to log out after removing New Tiddler from the page toolbar.

I can confirm, that there is a problem. You should create a GitHub issue

Thanks @john.edw_gmail.com. Iā€™m working on a fix which I shall push to GitHub shortly.

The fix was pushed here:

Do let me know how you get on.

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Thanks, nice pretty message now.