<$list is showing all tiddlers in a single paragraph (or, in one line)

When I use this:

<$list filter="[!is[system]sort[title]]" />

I’m getting all the tiddler titles spit out as a single paragraph. But if I view the same thing on TiddlyWiki.com, each tiddler is on its own line.

What setting did I (probably) monkey with that messed up the newline stuff?

Note that I also made sure my AllTiddlers tiddler was using the Type of text/vnd.tiddlywiki, just as it was setup on TiddlyWiki.com.

https://tiddlywiki.com/index.html#AllTiddlers has a newline following the closing /> of the widget. If you add a newline at the end of your tiddler, it will show the list items on separate lines. I suspect that this is an odd side-effect of the way that TiddlyWiki determines “inline” vs. “block” mode rendering.



Oh my gosh. I didn’t even notice that.