List by Tag with additional field

Hi everyone!

I’m new to TiddlyWiki and currently I’m using this:
<<list-links filter:"[tag]">>

It’s fine, but I would like to add the value of a specific field, which each list entry has.
Without the List I can use:
[[TiddlerName]] {{TiddlerName!!FieldName}}

How can I get this in a List?


Welcome to the community!

This should work to get a list of those fields:


If you want to filter the list of tiddlers with that tag to just those ones with a particular value for the field, you can use:

[tag[MyTag]] :filter[get[fieldName]match[fieldValue]]
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Welcome to the TiddlerHood !

If you are both new to TiddlyWiki and not familiar much with HTML, the snippet example way below may seem pretty strange.

If this is of interest to you, I’ll let you ask questions about the individual bits at your own speed.

Copy and paste the following into a new tiddler at :

<$list filter="[tag[Examples]sort[]]">
<li> <$link/>: {{!!created}}</li>
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That did it!