Linking to TiddlyWiki Doc in Local Folder or Over the Net

For learning TiddlyWiki I take notes and link to official document. I normally save new release from in my local folder, but it undergoes changes before new release.

My question is: How to write a macro to link to tiddlywiki in my local folder on click, and to on shift+click and link

For example: This is part of a note tiddler

See more <<doclink "Filter Expression">>
  • remote link:
  • local link: file:///G:/TW/tw-5.2.5-full-doc.html#Filter%20Expression

Is there any solution better than using a macro like [...[..]]?

I have most of the solution for you, but not all,

  • See below “this is missing”
\define wiki-address ()
\define navigate-to-link-actions(tiddlername)
<$list filter="[<modifier>match[normal]]" variable=~><$action-navigate $to="$tiddlername$"/></$list>
<$list filter="[<modifier>match[shift]]" variable=~> this is missing</$list>
\define doclink(tiddlername)
<$button actions=<<navigate-to-link-actions "$tiddlername$">> ><$text text="$tiddlername$"/></$button>

<<doclink "ViewWidget">>
  • In the above I need to workout how to “action” the link we can construct as follows [[$tiddlername$]addprefix<wiki-address>]
  • Normally we would construct ahtml “a tag” but in this case we want external navigation on a shift-button click action.
    • <a href="$tiddlername$><$text text=tiddlername/></a>
  • If I find / remember how to do this, I will come back but hopefully someone else knows. :nerd_face:
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Thank you @TW_Tones
I understand how to use modifier. Is it possible to check from inside TiddlyWiki (using for example the browser info) if I have a working connection to internet! so, I decide to open the local link or the original link from official docs?

Well at least a working connection to the external link.

I expect this can be done from inside a javascript macro, someone could make into a tiddlywiki macro?

There are methods such as iframes and embed that will try and retrieve content but I am not sure you can then test it? Or refresh

<embed src="" width="300" height="200">