Light / Dark Palette Switching - One more time ;)

Hi foks,
I did just push an attempt to get the light / dark palettes switching into the TW core.

The preview can be found at:
The PR is at GH: add browser dark/light theme detection by pmario · Pull Request #7830 · Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5 · GitHub

The configuration is in ControlPanel → Appearence → Palette, where it belongs.

  • By default the new configuration can “Enable Light/Dark Mode Handling” to change the setting manually
  • There is a definition for a “Light Palette” and a “Dark Palette”
  • If the configuration should be switched automatically, according to the browser “appearence” setting we need an action-tiddler tagged: $:/tags/DarkLightChangeActions
    • So several plugins can add new actions if needed
  • If the action-tiddler is removed, auto-switching is gone and the menue is for manual switching.

These changes are compatible with my PaletteManager preview function and the TiddlyTools PaletteManager (not shown in the screencast below)


have fun!