Letter string creates link

I wanted to type a name, I typed: MCIL. This string unexpectedly creates a link:

If I type out the full name I wanted McIlrath, the full word will be highlighted in blue as a link, too.
If I remove any of the MCIL characters, it will not be a link.
Only the M is capitalized.
How do I prevent this from happening?

Do you have camelCase turned on in the settings tab of the Control Panel?

That could be the cause, though with only the first letter being capitalized, I’m not 100% sure.

when in doubt, you can place a ~ in front of it to prevent that behavior. i.e. ~McIl

Edit: just tested this in a fresh TW, I’m not seeing that behavior, are you using any plugins with your TiddlyWiki?

Edit 2: Ah, wait- I believe you are using a capitalized i, which is triggering the camelCase setting, I mistook it for another L. my previous comments should allow you to remove this feature.

The location of the setting for camelCase is $:/ControlPanel > Settings > Camel Case Wiki Links and uncheck the checkbox. Just save and reload and the feature will be turned off.

Hope that helps!

Sorry only the I was also capital, not just the M.
The word is McIlrath, a name.
Why does Tiddlywiki create a link from camel case phrases?

There is built in functionality to support making quick links by using a format called camelCase (and if the first letter is also capitalized, PascalCase) which is just a shortcut from having to surround what you want as a link in [[double square brackets.]]

This was a lot more common in blogs in the earlier days of the internet and is still pretty normal to use today, but it’s also something newer users aren’t too familiar with.

If you would like to learn more about the features and functions TiddlyWiki has, I’d recommend checking out Grok TiddlyWiki (who actually does use camelCase in some of his Wiki), or just reading through the Learn section of the main TiddlyWiki.com website.

Because it’s a wiki. You can disable it, if you uncheck $:/ControlPanel → Info → Advanced → Parsing → wikilink

A Save and Reload is needed afterwards

I did create a GH issue to fix the spacing [BUG] ControlPanel Parser modes some spacing is missing · Issue #7227 · Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5 · GitHub

Info here:

Setting here:
ControlPanel > Settings > CamelCase Wiki Links
(this is the very first setting)

I’d say CamelCase automatic linking is a legacy feature in wikis (that is occasionally useful but, as you’ve discovered, mostly very annoying)

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I would personally leave camel case on and learn how to stop the rare case of ~MacIntyre for the following reasons;

  • It does not bother me
  • Imported content often relies on this
  • Typing content you can quickly indicate you want to flesh out the details (by creating a link) with camel case, then put details in the resulting tiddler eg; ExplainPrimesFurther
    • You can easily see missing tiddlers / links Sidebar > More > Missing
  • With relink installed if you rename the title of a tiddler initially created with camel case to one that is not it will update all references eg rename the ExplainPrimesFurther tiddler to “More on primes” or “Numbers only divisible by themselves and one”
  • If you are printing or publishing something you may use the pragma in the tiddler as follows;
    • \rules except wikilink this stops all links including camel case
    • Or change this globaly in Control Panel > Info > Advanced > Parsing

I hope soon to publish a solution relating to allowing a template to be used to display the camelCaseLinks and [[Other links]]

You convinced me, to leave it and use ~.
Only names with “Mc” or “Mac” in them are the issue and other camel-cased surnames.

If you have content with a lot of names like this, I’d suggest to switch it off. …

There is a discussion going on, if we switch off that setting by default in the near future. … Depending on how old you are, you may be used to CamelCase auto linking. But IMO If you are born after 2000 you are probably not used to use them.

We are all born naïve, I don’t think this a good argument.

If it causes any interference, it is only on a common set of real world “camelCase” so perhaps a customisable “stop list”, thus can be done for any language.

  • My recent work on providing an item template to standard links can help

Does it show backlinks?

It works as normal but allows alternative handling of the resultant links at render.