Lets Have Some Fun: History of Filter Operators

I came across a beautiful code from @EricShulman on Google Group and played a little to
list the history of Filter Operators (when which filter operator has been written)

\define mainFilter() [all[]tag[Filter Operators]]

<$list filter="[range[2014,2021]]" variable="year">
      <$list filter="01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12" variable="month">
            <$vars YYYYMM={{{ [<year>addsuffix<month>] }}}>
            <$list filter="[subfilter<mainFilter>] +[sort[created]]">
               <$list filter="[<currentTiddler>get[created]prefix<YYYYMM>then<currentTiddler>]">

It nicely shows something like this

~ …

You may change the mainFilter and extract some more useful information!


This is also a nice tool for journaling!

@Mohammad this is useful, but It needs the hardcoded years to be edited (eg next year). With just a few tweaks it should become timeless.

It of course depends on the created dates.

Hi @TW_Tones , go ahead please and share your version! I used just the above code with

\define mainFilter() [all[]tag[solution]]

in TW-Scripts and I found quite interesting information!

But as you said I think this code has potential for some other use cases with some modifications!