Kookma Plugins Updated to TiddlyWiki 5.3.3

Most common kookma plugins were updated to TiddlyWiki 5.3.3

  • They work with TW 5.3.3
  • They are not minified using Uglify as requested by several community members.
  • You can minify them as described on Uglify plugin doc page (I myself use Uglify)

Each kookma plugin has its own GitHub repo, with

  • doc page (high quality docs, examples, packaged plugin)
  • packaged plugin for single file TiddlyWiki
  • source plugin folder for TiddlyWiki under Node.JS

The latest kookma plugins can be downloaded/installed into your wiki

  • From KPL (Control Panel → Plugins → Get more plugins → KPL)
  • From CPL (Control Panel → Plugins → Get more plugins → CPL)
  • Drag and drop from demo page of each plugin on GitHub repo
  • By downloading the source plugin folder and use under Node.JS

GitHub Page

NOTE: To use a plugin library, its tiddler needs to be imported into your wiki (~ 1kB). Plugin libraries tiddler can be downloaded/imported into your wiki from the above links.


For installing plugins into your single file wiki, I highly recommend using KPL, or CPL (Control Panel → Plugins → Get more plugins → KPL or CPL) and do not drag and drop from demo or other wiki pages.