Kansas Railroad Tiddlywiki


In the past, there has been some interest in seeing how I use tiddlywiki for my Kansas Railroads project. I have now figured out a way to share this without sharing any of the copyrightable content. I’ve created a tiddlyhost site at https://kansasrailroads.tiddlyhost.com/. It actually is short about 1700 railroads, but the functionality is the same (this is probably overkill on my part, but why take any chances).

Please feel free to comment, add suggestions, critique, etc. I’m definitely interested in any feedback for improving this.


Very nice – Would it be possible to have a placeholder image on the main page. It looks a bit “broken” as it is at the moment.

That’s how it looks for me

Yeah, I didn’t include any images initially. I’m new to tiddlyhost so will try to found out how to include the image which is external.

Edit: I included that one image as an internal image.