JSON telephone database

I want to include in one of my tiddywikis a telphone database. First I tried wit dictionary tiddlers:

Mike: 6365588
Paul: 4565432

But I need more data of each contact, not only name:phone. I need a Description and the mobile phone, so I try with JSON:

"Phone": "6365588",
"Description": "Technical assistance",
"Mobile": "9365588"
"Phone": "4565432",
"Description": "Legal assistance",
"Mobile": "9565432"

Now the questions:
Is it possible to have all phones in one JSON tiddler?
How I get all data of the contacts?
What is the “tyddlywiki-way” of doing this telphone database?

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Actualy it would be a tiddler for each contact.

In the upcoming prerelease there are more json handling tools but I see no reason not to use a tiddler for each contact.

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@Luis_Javier_Gonzalez : as @TW_Tones mentions, plain tiddlers are more than enough for handling what you want; you should put each contact as a separate tiddler, and put the fields you want (phone, mobile, etc.) in each tiddler, as fields. With that in place you can use tiddlywiki’s functionality to see the data, search for it, etc.

However, doing all of that involves knowing about several concepts of tiddlywiki, like tiddler templates, filters, the $list widget, transclusion of fields, etc., which is kind of intimidating the first time one sees it.

So @Luis_Javier_Gonzalez , I created a tiddlywiki with examples of how to achieve what you want: add structured data, and visualize it. See Handling Structured Data in TiddlyWiki — example setup for handling structured data , please read it, and fire back any questions you have over here.