Issue saving wiki with WebDav

Hello folks,

I was using a single file TW stored on a server of my institution that was accesible through webdav protocol. I used Firefox on linux to access the wiki remotely and the saving worked as a charm.

A month ago it stopped working and I got the message:
Error while saving:
File changed on server

My guess is that the config of the server changed somehow.
I tried with a fresh new TW (last version) and also with the last version on firefox on many machines… still no success…

Have you got any hint please ?
What could I specifically ask to the sysadmin to check if the config is still compatible with my TW usage.

Thanks by advance for your time answering me.



Are you sure that the server side has changed? If you are allowed to tell: Which server is it?


I did move this issue to it’s own topic, because the other one is already very long and “kind of” old.

I did create a plugin that may help. WebDav-lm — PUT saver using last-modified

It uses a different mechanism to determine if the file has changed on the server. …

The default WebDav PUT saver uses the e-tag that comes from the server. The plugin uses the last-modified and if-unmodified-since header info.

So you can try it.

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This message I would think if you in another tab or another user opened the same wiki and saved?

You could export your changes and import them after a reload.

Hi @pmario,

Thanks. No worries, I have backups (using TW since 2009, I’m used to…).
The serveur runs under apache 2.4. I am asking for more detail to the Adminsys. I heard something about a reverse proxy issue but have no more details so far.

I’ll let you know. I will try your plugin.

@TW_Tones: no, the wiki wasn’t open in another tab. I tried with the last version of a freshly installed firefox and with an empty TW without sucess;

Hello @pmario ,

I installed your plugin on a new emplty.html TW file and then copied that file to the directory on the webdav server.

When I access the TW via https, nothing is working at all. Clicking on buttons does not produce anything; all seems like ‘frozen’. No saving is thus possible nor creating new tiddlers etc…