Is there a way to log out after a while?

Sometime I open the same tiddlywiki with tiddlyhost on several pc and the last changes don’t being saved because I forger to close one of them opened before.

Thanks for answer

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The quick answer is to ensure autosave is on, its not so much you want to log out but you want to save changes. Just save is the way to logout. Similarly reload the wiki when you come to use it anywhere, so the latest is retrieved.

You could leave an indicator set so show in which device it was last saved, or if it is available for another device to edit.

Thanks for your welcome. I dont know, if there is a bug on tiddlyhost. I had autosave on, sometime I forget to reload, and it crash my saved changes. So I would like to know how to log out, because currently, if I forget to close, the last changes that I had saved, was lost and the tiddly which is open is saved and delete saved changes.
Autologout seems to be a better way, to make with my memory. But probably it’s not so easy, that I thoutgh :wink:

There’s currently a 5 hour inactivity timeout on the session. Maybe that’s too long though - what do you think is a better amount of time? Perhaps an hour? If it’s too short it might be annoying for users who spend a long time creating tiddlers then click save and have it fail because their login timed out.

Re how to logout, you can logout manually from by clicking your account name at the top right then clicking Logout. So if you know you’re done you can just do that.

One more note: If you switch to the “put” saver, which is an option under the advanced site settings, it will actually prevent you from overwriting newer changes. Consider solutions to avoid losing data when using tiddlyhost on multiple devices · Issue #219 · simonbaird/tiddlyhost · GitHub has an example of the message you will get when attempting a save that would overwrite newer changes.

I’ll probably make “put” saver the default save method in future, but for now it’s opt in.


I decided to reduce the session inactivity timeout on Tiddlyhost from five hours to two.

(I expect this to cause more annoyance than benefit, at least for me, but I guess I’ll see)

I don’t think this will solve marc’s problem – he probably needs a time-out measured in minutes. I would like a time-out measured in days.

Maybe there’s a way to have the timeout configurable. I’ll take a look.

@EricShulman’s timer tools has all the code you could need for such timers including a save on timer feature.

Here’s the link:


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Thank’s a lot. I’m going to try put saver option. I’ll tell you, if it solves my problem.