Is there a good advanced search operator/filter (or advanced-search-plugin) to search in all fields

I would like to have/build an advanced search tab to search in selected fields or all fields

  • Is there a search spell that by default searches the entire tiddler to start with and reduce the number of tiddlers that will be searched field by field
  • It would be best to have a dropdown with checkboxes to include exclude fields, this preference should be permanently stored in an index-tiddler.
  • Dream 1: In the next step I would like to have the number of appearances of the searchword in the field
  • Dream 2:Clicking that number I would like to open a modal with a context-search of the field.

Is there a good readymade for this. I found these solutions which are not quite what I want.

Best Wishes Jan

You can do all of that with the search Operator :

As for plugins, there are a lot listed there, maybe you will find something useful for you : TiddlyWiki toolmap - Dynalist


You might want to try my TiddlyTools PowerSearch, which constructs a filter dynamically based on selected filter operators and values. In addition to showing the resulting list of matching tiddlers, it lets you save the constructed filters so they can be re-used later. The saved filters are automatically tagged with $:/tags/filter, so they can be used by the TWCore $:/AdvancedSearch/filter tab. TiddlyTools PowerSearch also provides functions that allow you to add/remove tags or copy/rename, export, or delete the matched tiddlers.

TiddlyTools PowerSearch is itself tagged with $:/tags/AdvancedSearch, making it easy to access as a tab in the $:/AdvancedSearch interface.

Note: PowerSearch makes use of my <<edit-list>> macro allowing you to either enter OR select the desired operator values for use in constructing the dynamic filters.

You can get these two tiddlers here:

Just copy both of the above tiddlers to your TiddlyWiki, and you’ll be all set.



If you just want search in fields with a minimal ui, then have a look at @pmario Field Search Plugin
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It is highly customizable and appears both in Standard search in $:/AdvancedSearch and in the Sidebar!


Hi @Telumire @EricShulman @Mohammad and @pmario, thanks for this wonderfull collection.
I will see whether I can use one of the items or still have to tinker something on my own.

Thanks @telumire the problem with the search operator was that it only searches title, text and tag by default.
[search[Friday]] does not show [[Days of the week]] . To show it you need [search:list[Friday]]

Now I get it: [search:-modified,created[Friday]] does the trick. Or even simpler [search:-[Friday]] or [search:*[Friday]]

What is the most efficient way to count the number of appearances of a string/word in a field?
Best wishes Jan