Is it possible to sync local TW file to TiddlyHost without drag and drop?

I love the idea of having my wiki hosted online. I can access my wikis on TiddlyHost from anywhere just by logging to a website.

But there is also utility in having TiddlyWiki files present on your local system, like faster save speed.

Can I sync my local copies to the TiddlyHost at the end of the day without having to drag and drop files and then importing the updated tiddlers?

Alternates that I can think of (which TiddlyHost might not support)

  1. Using FTP to upload file to TiddlyHost
  2. Using nodeJS to get modified individual tiddlers and then send them to TiddlyHost

The key point is that these (proposed) solutions can be automated. So I will only have to issue a command or click an icon on my desktop and my local wikis will be synced to the TiddlyHost.

But the question is, does TiddlyHost even support any way of syncing?

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I don’t think it has an API for that yet, ( @simon ? )

If you’re at a desktop, you could use the Browser Storage plugin along with Btheado’s Browser Storage Configuration plugin to go avoid having to save as often.

Thank you. That’s a good suggestion.

I also found an upload script in the official git repository. I need to test it though and see if it does solve the issue or not.

I will report my findings here.

Oh that’s cool. That looks like it would be your solution, if your system can run bash. Probably could be adapted for powershell.

I would have suggested something similar to @Mark_S as well. There is also an implementation that saves to an in browser database though not tiddlyhost.

Just to be clear when using a single file tiddlywiki the whole thing is loaded in your browser. Unless you close that tab it remains in your browser. If loaded from a url such as tiddlyhost, local storage allows you to close the tab, return to the url and load the local copy. This way you need only save once back online. Once changes are saved they are removed from local storage.

  • the only thing to watch is accessing tiddlyhost from another device while you have it off line on another device.
  • this is not much of an issue if you only go off line on your own mobile and your always have it with you.