Is it possible to access a TiddlyWiki hosted on Tiddlyhost, using Tiddloid?

So I vaguely remember asking about this once upon a time but I don’t recall who or where or if it was possible, so I imagine asking here would be a good idea.

For context, I have my tiddlywiki hosted on tiddlyhost, and while I can access it via a mobile browser, I would like for the ability to access it through tiddloid, and when saving changes, the save to be made to a local copy, and to the copy hosted on tiddlyhost.

I see that there is a webDAV / legacy option, but unfortunately I don’t know how to use it, or if it offers that ability, so any help would be awesome

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From memory in Tiddloid you can create a new local wiki from any url but should work from tiddlyhost for full wikis hosted there.

  • I expect it can’t be one with externalised javascript, which is now an option on tiddlyhost.

Hm :thinking:, ths only option I have when creating a new TW, is being prompted to choose where it is saved after creation.

It is saved within Tiddloid so you can go offline. Otherwise you would just use the browser directly to tiddlyhost.

I’m not sure I understand, sorry.

I would create a tiddlywiki within tiddloid, using the URL to a tiddlyhost tiddlywiki, and it would save changes to that tiddloid version, but not the the tiddlyhost version?

When I create a tiddlywiki using the URL it just creates a fresh blank tiddlywiki, it doesn’t use the tiddlywiki already saved to tiddlyhost.

It’s been so long … possibly Quinoid could load a remote site? But saving back would be hard because it would need to save your credentials. Tiddloid would have the same problem if you wanted it to work in both directions – it would need your credentials to save back to TH.

This is the first I’ve heard of Quinoid, I’ll have to give it a look.
If it isn’t possible I can always periodically download a copy of the TW from tiddlyhost, it would just be a lot simpler if there was a feature for this sort of thing in tiddloid.

Being that it would need my credentials to log in each time, I wouldn’t object to that, but I don’t believe it has that capability, thinking about it now.

If you are going to access a tiddlywiki on tiddlyhost no app is needed, just go via the browser, login, the browser can save the credentials, and changes are saved to the tiddlyhost. Online access is needed to save.

  • Some browsers offer a way to turn a website into a home screen icon that looks like an app, but you still need online access to save.

TiddlyWiki apps typically store the tiddlywiki locally, and save locally, once local it stays local. You may be able to start a local copy by copying from a URL. You can be offline and use a tiddlywiki app because the tiddlywiki is on the device.

  • Some people access the local tiddlywiki in an app by connecting to the mobile device from another device such as the desktop.

There are ways to get a tiddlywiki served to the network, such as wifi so you can access it localy or from the local network (when at home/office) but this is fiddly and fragile from my experience (using termux)

Ah, ok I’m on the same page now- and yes I have them saved as icons on my phone specifically to access them via the internet. (For some odd reason I cant turn it to qn qpp like talk.tiddlywiki does, and it refuses to save my tiddlyhost login credentials, so I have to login, but I digressed.)

My full goal is to have access to the online copy, but in the event I no longer have internet access, I can still access it locally, and when I regain internet access, I can simply upload the changes back to the online host.

I was looking for a means to do this using tiddloid rather than manually downloading a copy from tiddlyhost, reuploading it, etc. Every time I make a change to it.

So my thought was, opening a tiddlyhost site through tiddloid, saving changes uploads via the credentials saved in the tiddlywiki while the app saves changes to the local copy.

Doesn’t seem like this is a feature however :thinking:
(also thank you for the explaination, that helped)

You can use the local-storage plugin. It will save your edits to the browser local storage when you are offline. When you are online again, it will be synced.

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That might be the closest I can get, and that sounds amazing tbh

I’ve just been using a button tied to the tm-download-file action

Having a back is always a good thing :wink: