Introducing: LifeBlog

There are a lot of interesting applications out there such as Foursquare/Swarm for sharing where you have been. Or Untapped for sharing which beer you are drinking. The apps are meant to be social in that you can share these details with a friend. It is nice to be able to recall which restaurant you ate at last Saturday or when you were on vacation in another city. The question is, what are these companies doing with this data? That’s why I developed LifeBlog. Plus Tiddlywiki is just fun and I thought I’d see if I could use it as a private collector for these kinds of life events.

You can play with the demo of it over here: LifeBlog Demo (

Happy new year,


Thank you, looks really neat!


I’ve recently made a number of enhancements and bug fixes to It's About Time! — TiddlyTools: "Small Tools for Big Ideas!" (tm). I recommend updating your LifeBlog demo with the latest versions of those tiddlers.


Nice work, Scott.

I can appreciate it since I am working on a similar application, even to the extent of also using tools by Eric.

Since I am particularly focused on Addresses in Canada, I have a good appreciation of Google’s OpenSource PlusCodes. I often recommend them for situations in which they are better than Addresses.

Happy New Year!

Thanks for that. I’ve updated the demo and my personal version that I use daily.