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The Wikitext Cheatsheet Plugin

allows you to lookup the most common wikitext syntax

  • creates a new editor toolbar button F1 , that activates a cheat-sheet modal
  • creates a new sidebar button that activates a cheat-sheet modal

The modal is scrollable and most “code examples” can be copied to the clipboard with 1 click.



Keyboard Shortcuts

The ControlPanelKeyboard Shortcuts - show-cheatsheet configuration can be used to change the default keyboard shortcut setting used in “edit-mode”

WikiLabs Suite

The WikiLabs Main Page gives an overview about all editions, plugins and themes.

There is an Introduction Video how to make the WikiLabs Plugin Library available in your own wikis, accessible from the ControlPanel → Plugins → Get More Plugins dialogue.

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About Open Source

Most open source software is free of charge and that’s a good thing! But that does not mean, that there are no costs for someone to create, support and maintain it.

So if you use it: Support it!

Have fun!


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Hi folks,

I did just update the CheatSheet Plugin to V1.0.0 which contains the fixed info for TiddlyWiki v5.3.1

The text in the popup now shows the plugin version number.


The Custom Widget examples have been fixed.

Have fun!


I love this plugin! It’s quite useful. Thanks!

I was wondering if, in a future update, you could add some tips/tricks/basics on filters and filter notation. That’s probably what I most often refer back to tiddlywiki.com for. This could be especially useful for filter concepts/pitfalls that are not as well documented.

Hi – I did just update the cheatsheet plugin to v1.1.0

  • There is a new link in the popup, that lets you open the Wikitext Cheatsheet as a tiddler in the story river.
  • The division between the different section is more visible now

I also added new tables at the end of the popup as suggested by TW_Tones

  • Bracket Names
  • Wikitext Symobls … With links to documentation tiddlers for main usecases


Discussion and Feedback

please use: [Discussion] Wikitext Cheatsheet and Searching for Symobls