[Intro] Field Visibility Plugin

Hi Folks,
I did just publish a new plugin that can be imported from the standard plugin import dialogue, if you use the configuration tiddler from: at wikilabs.github.io

Direct link to the plugin edition. Field Visibility — toggle field visibility in edit mode

The Field Visibility Plugin allows you to toggle the field visibility in the tiddler editor from the tiddler info area.

In the image below, you can see, that there are 2 custom fields: test and test-invisible

In edit mode only 1 field is visible, the test field.

Have fun!
PS - If you use it: Support it :slight_smile:

A video how it is used in combination with the Field Editor Plugin can be found at YouTube: Field Editor & Field Visibility Plugin


It would be useful to have an option to not have this take over the fields tab in the info dropdown, but instead be available via the Control Panel. Some of us use the fields tab in the info dropdown for other things :wink:

Yea, the plugin is marked experimental atm :slight_smile:

I was thinking about a completely new tab. But I’ll have it in the tiddler info section. At the moment the plugin is used in combination with the Field Editor Plugin, which also shows the tiddler info area in the edit-mode.

I’m using the same tiddler here. … BUT it will be a completely new tiddler for the edit mode, since some tabs from view-mode don’t work in edit mode. …