Interactive Historical Atlas of the Disciplines

Shared by @telumire in another thread, this is a very well designed TiddlyWiki that simulates a regular website:

The Interactive Historical Atlas of the Disciplines aims at collecting and mapping data related to the history of the disciplinary structure of science. Launched in 2018 at the University of Geneva, this website provides several tools to explore the various ‘classifications of the sciences’ put forward by numerous scholars over the centuries, and to visualize the evolution of disciplinary borders from Antiquity to our days.

It features amongst other things a bibliography, searchable lists, bar charts, timelines/gant charts, and a customized advanced search mechanism.



Right! Bingo! Brilliant use of #TiddlyWiki!


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Thanks for the mention @saqimtiaz , however I want to point out that I found out about this thanks to @sobjornstad’s GrokTiddyWiki, in the Public Wikis chapter.

This book is a gold mine of information !


See also

Where someone was wondering how to make their maps look the same as the atlas.

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This looks pretty well!

I usually made my presentations with mindmaps via Freeplane (and is my preferred method since years). But I would like to have the modularity of Tiddlers to recombine several mind map “trails”/nodes in different presentations. So, I went over the Atlas Disciplines and browse a little bit. But clicking on the minmap branches didn’t changed the side picture (as I would expect) and instead showed a node emergent note.

I wonder if something more interactive, it the lines described above, could be done with the Echarts plugin?

If you read the linked thread the atlas look is achieved by a bit of a cheat! Still looks amazing though!
Tidgraph TW5 plugins! — for TW5 plugin development and installation though an old plugin can be customised.


How to see this wiki in the usual TW UI and interface. I would like to see how this wiki was created by looking at the code. I could’nt find a way to use the TW advanced search functionality or see the page control or view tool bar buttons in this wiki.

@arunnbabu81 Simply start the wiki in safe mode :

Have fun ! :wink: