Improvements to core translink macro

I have made some improvements to the core translink macro. Thanks to @jeremyruston @pmario @Mohammad for help along the way.

This macro was rather hidden away, as it lacked documentation, and was only discoverable when excising text and replacing it with a macro.

The new documentation and the improvements to the macro can be seen directly under this permaview of the prerelase:

  • The macro has improved looks, uses the stylesheet, and adapts to the current palette (uses pre-border and pre-background colours).
  • The behaviour of the inline mode has been tweaked, so that the whole macro will be inline (not just the transcluded text).
  • The empty message (when translinking a missing tiddler) reuses the missing tiddler hint shown in the body of a missing tiddler, so it is translatable and provides a button to directly edit the missing tiddler.

Before changes:

After changes:

These changes will hopefully make the macro much more inviting to use. Let me know what you think!

Note to anyone using ReLink plugin by @Flibbles: the translink macro is not yet whitelisted among other core macros, so backreferences won’t point to it (I have opened an issue on the plugin’s GitHub).

Edit: changes and documentation available in the prerelease.


Thank you for all your work on this @vilc

That’s super weird. The CI build is shown as having succeeded but as you say there is no sign of the changes. I’ve rerun the build to see if that makes any difference.

I see the changes in the prerelease now, thanks for investigating.

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Thank you @vilc. Great job!

I just looked and the macro and documentation tiddlers are not yet in the 5.3.0 prerelease.

The new updated macro definition and CSS are in the pre-releas, the new documentation is only on the main page. I thought it was supposed to be this way (as these are separate branches on GitHub).

Apologies, I do try to merge tiddlywiki-com into master after significant docs updates. I’ve just done it, so the docs changes will appear on the prerelease in a few minutes