Import file from url

Here is a helper to upload a file from a URL directly into your tiddlywiki:

  • get this FF addon
  • get the URL of e.g. an image you want to upload into your tiddlywiki and do CLR + C
  • be sure that the Sidebar and the Tools Tab is open
  • click the the icon of the FF addon “upload-file-from-url” and insert the URL by CLR + V
  • the URL is added to the import widget and e.g. the image can be imported with an other click here

done :slight_smile:

I have succeeded in doing something similar in windows, but not sure it is universal, copy the link to the file on the internet. Use the normal Import button, the file open dialogue opens, in the filename paste your link, click open.

  • I do this a lot with file: urls.

In fact I have a system, that in tiddlywiki stores and copies such links to the clipboard and triggers import. Then a ctrl-v (or a remapped function key), pastes the full path and filename, then click to open.

where do i find this?

In Page Controls

But you can invoke it with a simple <$browse/> or set up a more advanced version;

\whitespace trim
<span class="tc-file-input-wrapper browse-button">
<$browse multiple accept={{!!extensions}} tooltip={{{ [[Search for and Import one or more files with the extensions]] [{!!extensions}] +[join[  ]] }}}/>