If you believe in having an arsenal of tools, you gotta have a look at TreeSheets

It may seem like a simplistic/vanilla tool, but holy smokes, is it ever good at quickly organising hierarchical data (I like it for outlining topics for writing projects, but this thing would be awesome for outlining any complex project.

You really ought to find some time to download it and walk through the excellent included tutorial.

A good video tour:

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Interesting nested cell/columns structure. I am confident this could be built on top of tiddlywiki, perhaps as a custom tiddler editor, A bit like how streams works but nested in 2D not vertically (1D).

Although bare-bones, the export options are nice to have:

Everything about this is quick once you get a hang of keyboard accelerators. SHIFT + Mouse Scroll is really nice for quickly increasing/decreasing size of text in a cell and sub-cells.

My favourite thing, I think, is the ability to zoom in/out the content of any cell via the scroll wheel on the mouse.

The screenshot below shows the bird’s eye view of the thing, so I can see the whole picture (all of the parts).

To see how much content and how many parts are in there, see https://basicanywheremachine.neocities.org/BamDocPlanning.png

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You do know that ctrl-scroll wheel zooms in and out of TiddlyWiki as well?

That works in any web page (with Chrome web browser, the one I use). Handy, but does not compare at all to the ability of zooming in and out of specific cells (zoom into a specific cell, then zooming back out for the big picture.

Now if the web browser allowed zoom into a specific div (or any specific HTML element), then we would definitely have “on par with Treesheets”.

Browser page zoom is nice for what it is, but it is really lame compared to cell zoom in Treesheets.