I wish TiddlyWiki had a "portal" website

Created with a product that makes it easy to collaborate.

A product that makes it easy to not only have access to everything in one place, but integrates everything in one place so that you can see it “all”, “right there,” without having to go to a new browser window/tab.

Something a little bit like what I’ve been working on and continue to work on: BASIC Anywhere Machine portal website, embedding in it blog, forums, TiddlyWiki instances, and all sorts of Google stuff and whatever other stuff that allows embedding.

And then I’m gently reminded by my old sponge:

Grandpa Gustafson’s quote:

Well, you can wish in the one hand and crap in the other and see which gets filled first.

I’ve been wishing for a long time, and I don’t have huge hands, but I’m too stubborn of an old mule to give up that easily.

I outlined a community “portal” previously, so it not that it has not being considered at least once.


I have lots of ideas about how to integrate wikis and TiddlyWiki objects, but I will not proceed unless I have more than one supporter because it would not be a community effort.

Yeah, I had setup a sandbox TiddlyWiki Portal to do requirements gathering, problem identification, and prototype solutions.

Zero interest in investigating agile workflows and collaboration, light processes, and non-technical / user-friendly approaches in an easy to figure out medium.

The now sniffs way too much like I.T. support back in 1995.

I just realized after posting the OP that it is time for this kid to sit back and let himself be amused by the same old song and dance that keeps popping up in the discussions.

Spectator is a much more healthy role for me. (Goofy thought that makes me smile for some reason: can’t save somebody who doesn’t want to be saved.)

You tiddlywiki portal make sense but then my answer is what you find at my link and it is comprehensive so I would not want to re-enter it.

I am Happy to collaborate.

That could be fun.

Let’s call it a project.

For any project, first thing I want is a project portal site.

Google is quick and a no-brainer. I tend to want to go there because I can integrate Google Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, blogger, and groups to manage the project.

Anybody involved, even just interested, only needs the one URL.

Quick for me to do if you don’t mind creating for yourself a Google account, if you don’t have one.

If you have a preferred suite of tools for doing the same thing, what do you use?

We may be able to use a mix of both our favourites as long as your favourites can be embedded in Google Sites, or my favourites can be embedded in your site builder.

Maybe even before we get to anything TiddlyWiki, we might want to experience each other’s toolsets to pick up some new knowledge.

Arg. Paralysis by analysis.

So even before a prototype TiddlyWiki portal, gotta talk about a project portal website, i.e. a place for everything and anything (all artifacts) relevant to the project.

Something like that.

For example: TiddlyWiki Portal Project

I am happy to use any collaboration tools we can find however I cant work on this until my tomorrow + 16 hours from this reply. Can ee plan a zoom session ?
I am at +10 utc

Hey Tones,

I’ve decided to abstain from Talk.TiddlyWiki for either a short break, a long break, or permanently. Serenity now! (Seinfeld reference, needless to say?)

Please, if you want to get a hold of me, use any other means (email or Google Groups).

Buon voyage Carissimo!