I host a digital garden made by Node.js TiddlyWiki


It’s mostly Chinese.

I use TiddlyWiki as my note taking app since 2021 and it is marvelous.

Later in 2022 I wanted to make a digital garden inspired by some great people. First I built one that is driven by DokuWiki. Then I thought I am already using TiddlyWiki as note taking app why don’t I just build one with it? So I started one with Single HTML TiddlyWiki and hosted on TiddlyHost. Later I figured that the Node.js version is ever better and easier to use, so I built one on my server thanks to some friends and everything is just great!

I hope everyone can find out how amazing TiddlyWiki is!


This is very cool. Another example of using TiddlyWiki for a Home page. I to went down this road with my web site https://tritarget.org I use node under the hood to build the TiddlyWiki as a static HTML doc which I upload to my shared hosting site.

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TriTarget.org is my goal. Your site is one of the sites that inspired me. Glad to know that you visited mine!
I like how you design and all the contents you put in it. I have so much to learn about.

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Thanks for sharing @jeffrey, it’s really interesting for me to look through foreign language wikis.


Thanks Jeremy, TiddlyWiki is really a MASTERPIECE!

By the way, there is a community of Digital Garden started on gitter.im in China, some of the gardens are based on TiddlyWiki Node.js version just like mine. We all are grateful of such a great software that provides us a wonderful place to store all of our contents and thinkings.

Wish you all the best!

Thank you @jeffrey! What makes TiddlyWiki amazing is really the community, and the community is much stronger for being geographically and culturally diverse.

I’d love to see those. Are they publicly accessible?

Recently @pimgeek encourage us to setup NodeJS wiki as a digital garden, to get static SSR single tiddler sharing URL, like my https://wiki.onetwo.ren/Index (Just by removing the # from the URL, we get server side rendering, cool)
This static single tiddler URL is theoretically faster than the HTML wiki https://onetwo.ren/wiki/ when sharing. But I’m hosting my nodejs wiki on an outdated Android phone, so it might be slower than the HTML wiki hosted on github pages.

And our chat is at pimgeek/chat - Gitter and - Gitter (Chinese)

@pimgeek even embed the pimgeek/chat - Gitter into his wiki pimgeek:🌱 学习者的数字花园 — 记录我的学习与思考 (See the “Open Chat” on the bottom-right corner)

There are also



Like @linonetwo said the community URL is digital-garden-lovers/community - Gitter and pimgeek/chat - Gitter (both are in Chinese).

The other node.js version TiddlyWikis are:

There is a list of collection of digital gardens for my own too: 仿生猫不会梦见电子猫粮

Thanks to @pimgeek , he made the first Node.js TiddlyWiki and encouraged us to make our own.

He also focuses on PKM and content creation.